Things I am not ashamed of…

…that I probably should be. All from yesterday, mind you.

- Listening to XMThriller, the station XM Radio dedicated to Michael Jackson to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Thriller video, for more than 50% of the day

- Listening for the whole ride home

- Jamming out unabashedly in my car while sitting in traffic and listening to songs like Torture and State of Shock

- Seeing a girl at the bar walk up to the jukebox, pick some crappy song, telling her “I had such high hopes for you”, receiving an icy glare that would make Clint Eastwood wet himself, and then saying to my friends “I should wait for that song to come on and put some money in there and pick ‘play it now’ just to piss her off.”

- The only thing that stopped me was that I didn’t have any singles.

4 Responses

  1. I’m so confused on the girl in the bar item. Icy glare? By Roosh and Roissy’s logic, the girl should have immediately walked over to you, licked your face and asked you to take her home.

    Oh. Um… I must’ve left that part out?

  2. I am glad to know I am not the only one who has been jammin out to the Thriller Station – I love the Torture song. I do mean car dance to Billie Jean though – hehe……….

    How is the new job?

    I had never heard Torture until it came on while I was listening to the station. It’s sad that it is supposed to be going away at the end of the month.

    So far so good. Thanks for asking.

  3. You know what is even better? Maxi Mixes of MJ…

    Aren’t you glad I didn’t let you take the metro? Look what you would’ve missed out on.

  4. That was a busy Tuesday. Wow. I spent mine in bed. Sorry…I made up for it today though.

    Yeah yeah… The shoe is on the other foot. I know. My days of slacking are over.

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