Canine Quandary

As many of you know, I-66 is a bit of a dog person.

Not long ago, Chick Magnet stayed with me for a few days while my mother was convalescing. It was the first time she’d lived with me for any time since she and TSD both lived with me, and it stirred up a bit of a dormant want. Dogs haven’t really been fully welcome in my current abode (as you may recall I had to give up TSD and Chick Magnet when I moved out here), and having Chick Magnet here briefly reminded me of what it was like to have a dog around. She slept right next to the bed. She was waiting at the door when I came home. She didn’t pee on anything. Even to this point I still am finding her fur lying around.

Why am I telling you this? The DC dwelling to which I could be moving allows pets.

Now, this would bring about a bit of a quandary. I mean, if I decide to move. Do I see about Chick Magnet moving in? Do I rescue a dog? Do I find myself a brand new puppy to raise? Every now and again I peruse in a bit of self-torture, shopping for things I could not have, like this:

If an oreo turned into a dog, this is what it would look like.

Of course now, should I move, dog shopping would no longer be an exercise in futility. So the question is… what should I do?

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  1. Get a puppy! I can’t have one and it makes me sad. Someone should at least.

    Puppy seems to be the answer. Breeder v. Rescue seems to be the question.

  2. Get a dog :-) I’m a bad one to ask, as I’m in the same situation (in my first place ever that would allow dogs) and am very much a dog person.

    And the one posted above is absolutely adorable. Ugh. Dog totally on the brain.

    I think the one above is what would result if a dog and an oreo mated.

  3. That is the cutest dog. I think you should move – get chick magnet and a puppy :-)

    Only one is permitted, unfortunately. So I must choose.

  4. I’m neither strongly pro or con, but it seems to me that you know exactly what you should do, at least as far as the do-or-do-not of getting a dog. As for where, I think that The Return of Chick Magnet would be a great idea, but if that doesn’t work out, then I would vote starting with rescue. You could find puppies there, or go older if you wanted. If you’re not pathologically obsessed with a particular breed, I have a hard time justifying the breeder route. Heck, even then, but still.

    Something tells me that if you even think this too loudly around Velvet, she’ll have you hooked up with a new pooch faster than you can say fetch. Which might very well be a good thing.

    Yeah, I am counting down the moments before she’s all over me about this.

    I think my mother might miss Chick Magnet too much (despite the fact that she’s mentioned something to me about taking her), so I would have to take that into account in my decision making process.

  5. Get a puppy! A super cute one that I can borrow and love and adore and give back when it’s time for me to be responsible and walk or feed it. Oh, but get a big dog, not a little Paris Hilton pocket- sized accessory. You need something manly like a Great Dane or a Bernese Mountain Dog.

    I don’t know what the size regulations are yet, and I also have to think about the space I’ll have (or won’t have) for the dog to live in. But you should know better than to think I would ever get a tiny puntable dog. There’s no way.

  6. I think that you should rescue a puupy. I have several friends who work for the Washington Humane Society and they have tons of great dogs come through there! I rescued my two pups and they are fabulous! Good luck!!

    As much as I’d like two, I fear I can only have one. Rescuing looks a solid option.

  7. Rescue a dog that doesn’t need to be potty trained. I’ll dog sit. For free!

    Have you ever potty trained a dog? Despite the trouble, it is quite a feeling to have accomplished it when it’s done.

    And don’t think I won’t remember this dogsitting thing.

  8. Rescue a dog! Chick Magnet can always come to visit at your new abode, and you will be giving another wonderful animal a fantastic life.

    Let it not be said that Australians are not opinionated on matters such as these.

  9. Well, I think you know my opinion on this matter. mmm hmm that’s right….

    Yeah… I was pretty sure that went without saying.

  10. You should do the rescue thing. I can’t wait until bettyjoan and I are able to get a dog. There should so be a tax credit for people who rescue dogs!

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