Homeward Bound?

On Sunday afternoon I had to drive my mother into the city, drop her off, and then busy myself for about 90 minutes. In the world of the English Premier League, yesterday was “Grand Slam Sunday” with the 1st and 4th place teams facing off (Manchester United v. Liverpool) and the 2nd and 3rd teams as well (Arsenal v. Chelsea).

But I-66, you know I don’t get down with the soccer.

Relax. This isn’t really a soccer-centric post.

So since I had a significant amount of time to kill, I did what any sensible soccer fan would do on perhaps the biggest matchday of the year. I went somewhere to watch.

I hadn’t been back to Lucky Bar since the 2006 World Cup. I was there last for two matches and the atmosphere was always great, and I had always wanted to do it on a random weekend, so I figured I’d go there and watch part of Arsenal/Chelsea before heading to pick my mother up. I stood shoulder to shoulder with Arsenal and Chelsea fans with no real rooting interest of my own. As DC denizens sat or stood, wearing Arsenal jerseys and Chelsea scarves, living and dying with their teams with each pass, shot, and tackle, I just stood and watched the game, enjoying the drama and my surroundings (and my um… non-alcoholic beverage). I got the phone call to be chauffeur again before the end of the match so I had to leave, but I left satisfied, thinking that I’d be returning more often.

I would not have gone to Lucky Bar if not for the fact that I was already in the city, and that’s the thing. With my new job comes a likelihood that I will be moving into the city proper (let’s just say I may be moving somewhere that will make my now-daunting commute a cakewalk). It isn’t a done deal by any means, but odds are better than 50/50. For virtually my entire life I’ve lived in the suburbs. I’m not afraid of change, but it’s never really made sense to move into the city. To be honest, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to live in DC, and now that I’m going to be working there it almost makes too much sense.

If I do end up moving into the district, I expect that I’ll be enjoying more weekend mornings and afternoons watching soccer at Lucky Bar, and hopefully enjoying much more that I’ve been missing living in the suburbs. Who knows, I may end up liking it there.

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  1. welcome..to the dark side…

    Don’t act like you don’t like Virginia.

  2. I am thinking of moving into the Pentagon City Area next year – I am tired of I-95 and the mixing bowl hell.

    Good Luck on your first day of work today!

    Wait, you live in VA? How did I not know this already?

  3. Commuting is for suckers. I’m lucky enough to be able to walk to-and-from work (when the weather’s decent and I’m not feeling lazy) and it’s the best. The best, I say! Move to the city!

    What would you say if I said I wouldn’t even have to go outside to go to work?

  4. Uh oh – converting to the District side? Never thought I’d see this! I can imagine with where you’ve been, that would be a positive change if you’re working in DC. Blah though on the moving process though, right?

    Yes, and thank you for not giving me shit about having wanted to call you Commonwealth Belle before. Not enthused about the moving, but it is a necessary evil.

  5. You’ve put me to shame. I am SO behind in my blogging.

    Oh mysterious Cube. I give you a free pass. This time.

  6. I live in lovely Woodbridge…………..

    Woo! Hoodbridge!

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