I wasn’t planning on going to Shamrockfest this year until very recently. Two intrepid bloggerellas embarked upon a mission to convince me and they were successful. Let it not be said that I don’t listen to the woman.

Last year’s Shamrockfest was an enjoyable time. Bloggers were all over the place, the free beer was flowing, and we didn’t have to use port-a-pottys. To be honest, I’m not sure which of those things was the best part. I didn’t really see as much of the musical performances as I wanted, probably because I was too busy doing the Percolator. Rumors that I will do the Percolator sober are pretty much unfounded.

This year probably won’t be any different. It can start by not raining on Saturday like it did at the end of the night a year ago. On the list of things to do:

- Acquire as much free swag as possible.
- Eat a funnel cake.
- Take pictures. Lots of pictures.

I’ve got a pretty good feeling that I’ll see a lot of you there. Whether I’ll remember that I saw you… well, that’s a different story.

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  1. I contemplated going given the awesomeness that was last year. But for some reason I couldn’t justify spending actual dollars to fly to DC just for the free beer. Maybe one day I’ll become cool up here and someone will invite me to somewhere with free beer for zero dollars.

    Now go forth and commence with the debauchery, my friend.

    You don’t need to tell me twice!

  2. See you there… As long as my tickets are at Will Call.

    I hear it could be a moment of trepidation for a few.

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