Weekend’s End

One of the unexpected side effects to working again is that I have to get reacquainted with the two-day weekend. For almost 4 months, I essentially was experiencing a weekend all the time. With no real regimented schedule, I actually got to the point where I wasn’t sure what day it was anymore without looking [...]

Window shopping

The search for adoptable puppies is on.

It’s official

No more ifs and maybes. I-66 is city-bound. By the middle of next month, I will be entirely moved in.
For the time being, the following things currently reside in my condo:
- 1 chair
- 1 barstool
- 3 mini boxes of cereal
- 1 extremely long Slim Jim
- 3 packets of Lipton rice
- 1 bag of microwave popcorn
- [...]

Katrina & The

Now that I’m back to doing a lot of driving in my commute, I’m beginning to notice a horrible epidemic. It wasn’t always this way, but these days DC area drivers have forgotten how to wave.
When someone obviously lets me in, either by sudden decrease in speed when I have my turn signal on to [...]

I no has a tumblr.

But this? This is true.

Things I am not ashamed of…

…that I probably should be. All from yesterday, mind you.
- Listening to XMThriller, the station XM Radio dedicated to Michael Jackson to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Thriller video, for more than 50% of the day
- Listening for the whole ride home
- Jamming out unabashedly in my car while sitting in traffic and listening [...]

Canine Quandary

As many of you know, I-66 is a bit of a dog person.
Not long ago, Chick Magnet stayed with me for a few days while my mother was convalescing. It was the first time she’d lived with me for any time since she and TSD both lived with me, and it stirred up a bit [...]

Homeward Bound?

On Sunday afternoon I had to drive my mother into the city, drop her off, and then busy myself for about 90 minutes. In the world of the English Premier League, yesterday was “Grand Slam Sunday” with the 1st and 4th place teams facing off (Manchester United v. Liverpool) and the 2nd and 3rd teams [...]

I-66 Goes To Washington

It’s been a long… long time coming… and I know… a change gon’ come…
It’s been almost 4 months, but the change has finally come.
I-66 has a job starting Monday.


I can’t tell you how great it is that I haven’t been sick all winter, and then I start coming down with something 36 hours before I have a job interview. I haven’t figured out whether it’s the death flu that seemingly everyone has dealt with this season, but I’m on the mend and hopefully [...]