We… Got it… Goin’ on.

Going into last night I was a little skeptical. More than a little skeptical. The release of Lost Highway represented a slant in the country direction, and of that I was definitely not a fan. I even went so far as to say that I wouldn’t go. Still, not long ago I procured tickets anyway. [...]

Dog eat dog, to get by, hope you like gerbil genocide.

The blogger I’ve come to call “Water Girl” has inspired me to write about this with her many posts about her past pets. From the one about the cat in the tupperware, to the one yesterday about inbred cats and bunnies which brought me to this.
Growing up I almost always had pets. I often had [...]

Amber Alert

An amber alert has been released in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Last night a four-year-old, blond female with brown eyes and a generally happy demeanor was taken from her home around 9:00pm EST. The culprit reportedly entered the house with a key and took the girl without a struggle. He also may have tried [...]

Reading material

I spent most of my day in a hospital waiting room. In my hasty departure from my house to get there, I brought only my ipod as a means of entertainment. Without any reading material, I scanned the tables in the room and found nothing of value (really, who leaves an LL Bean catalog?) and [...]

The First Time

A recent gchat conversation reminded me of the following. I’m surprised I haven’t actually told this story before, but given that it’s “Black History Month” I am probably at least half obligated to tell it. I have no other way of categorizing it or setting it up than as my first recalled brush with any [...]

Are you being served?

Under usual circumstances I’d tell you about karaoke on Saturday night. Under usual circumstances I’d tell you about how my rendition of Baby Got Back got the party going and even brought out the ass shakers. Under usual circumstances it would be all aces around here.
Under usual circumstances.
One thing I didn’t count on is awful [...]

Bloggentines by I-66 – 2008 Edition

I know you’ve all been wondering since I mentioned on last year’s Bloggentines post that it might be the end whether I’d continue this year. Well now you have your answer. Bloggentines are back for year 3, and this time I’m including both 2006’s and 2007’s entries along with the 4 new ones this year. [...]