Akon v. T-Pain: The Battle To Be The Next Nate Dogg

It is a well publicized fact that Nate Dogg is a better “featured” rapper than he is on his own. That is, that he’s better when he’s on a song with the “featuring Nate Dogg” add on than when he’s the only rapper on a song. Further, having Nate Dogg featured on your song is a catapult to success. Here’s a short list of notable songs (and the primary artists) that have featured Nate Dogg over the years:

  • Ain’t No Fun (If the Homies Can’t Have None) by Snoop Dogg
  • All About U by 2Pac
  • Area Codes by Ludacris
  • Can’t Deny It by Fabolous
  • and lastly and most famously…

  • Regulate by Warren G
  • Now that doesn’t really go deep into it, but it should give you an idea of the Nate Dogg Effect.

    These days Nate Dogg isn’t around as much, and recently I proclaimed that Akon is the heir apparent. That was until I realized that T-Pain has as much of a claim to the throne as Akon. These men have, in short time, built outstanding resumes. To wit:


  • Sweetest Girl by Wyclef
  • The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani (I hate this song, but evidently I’m in the minority)
  • Hypnotized by Plies
  • Soul Survivor by Young Jeezy
  • We Takin Over… technically by DJ Khaled, but really a bunch of rappers like T.I. and Fat Joe
  • The Way She Moves by Zion
  • T-Pain:

  • Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown
  • Baby Don’t Go by Fabolous
  • Low by Flo Rida
  • Cyclone by Baby Bash
  • I’m a Flirt by R. Kelly
  • Good Life by Kanye West
  • And then there’s the bizarre coming together of both worlds, the song Bartender by T-Pain but featuring Akon. I can’t stand that song.

    So here’s the question. Which of these two deserves the mantle of The Next Nate Dogg? It’s a close competition, but I think T-Pain might actually be ahead.

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