Dinner. Half-familiar faces sit around a large table in an endless room. There’s plenty of space around us but we silently crave more. The food is so light it floats from the plate, and so good I try to keep each bit from escaping. A bottle falls slowly to the ground and bounces but doesn’t break. We laugh. I want to leave.

Change of venue. Taxi cab. I sit in the backseat on the passenger side. I stare out the front of the cab and try to focus as the lights fly by. Each one makes a line of color from the horizon before me to the horizon behind. I don’t speak though I am coaxed.

Home. My room. Candles in every corner create a red glow. The room spins as the scent of champagne fills it. A nameless, faceless girl is below me. She digs her fingernails into my back as we move to in rhythm to a silent beat. I ask her name but she does not answer. I try to focus on her face. She covers my eyes.

I wake up.

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