Guess and Check: The I-66 Guide To Plumbing

A couple of days ago House and I discovered what could best be described as a bulge in the ceiling in the living room. A small bead of water was forming on the tip of the bulge. Water damage. Problematic.

I ran outside, grabbed an empty trash can, put a garbage bag in it and sat it under the bulge. House punctured the bulge and water spilled out. He cut a hole in the ceiling, big enough for this…

…and began looking around the inner workings of the ceiling. The plan? Individually test anything upstairs that uses water. In short: My sink, my toilet, my shower, his sink, his toilet, his shower. Makes sense. Find the problem.

With him on a ladder with a flashlight, I began the process of running upstairs, turning on one thing, running back down to see what was happening, and then running back up to turn the thing off and turn something else on. My bathroom brought no results. The first thing I tried in his bathroom was the shower. Nothing. The second was the toilet, and the following events:

I-66 [shouting so he can hear me]: “Okay, I’m turning on the toilet valve and flushing it!”
House [shouting]: “Okay!”
I-66: [flips valve and flushes toilet]
House [immediately]: “Turnitoffturnitoffturnitoff!!!”

I flipped the valve back and saw water seeping slowly out the back of the toilet where it sits on the floor before running downstairs to see the ladder moved and House watching as water poured out of the ceiling and into the trash can.

Anyone out there a plumber?

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