Spatial Education

Something recently has really been getting on my nerves. I don’t know whether it’s one of those situations where the problem has just started rearing its ugly head, or perhaps I’m only now starting to notice it.

Too many people have no spatial awareness. Yes, that is how you spell it.

For instance, last Monday after I met Mom-66 for lunch, I was on the escalator down to the platform at Farragut West. The blue line had just come and gone, and there were a few lingering people trying to figure out whether 17th or 18th Street was the exit they wanted. Not long after I got off the escalator, what appeared to be a family consisting of 5 or 6 members came walking up the platform towards me. This is usually not a problem except for the fact that they were walking shoulder to shoulder. Allow me to demonstrate with my mad paint skills…

Now is it really necessary to walk 5-wide on a metro platform? And is it necessary then for me to have to wait for your stupid group to figure out which of you has to tuck in behind someone else to allow me passage to my destination, a hard marble bench next to someone who smells? Naturally the answer is no. If I had my way…

Look, I even made the lights come on for the oncoming train.

The same goes for the group of 4 lunchers that walk slowly shoulder-to-shoulder on the sidewalk in the same direction as you, making people go around them like this…

Their punishment?

And this doesn’t even cover the guy who takes two giant steps back from the coffee station as I’m walking by behind him causing him to step on me in some form or fashion, instead of turning and walking one direction or another like a normal human being. What does he get?

Even I wouldn’t subject you, dear bloglings, to that. The lesson: Causing me bodily harm is much worse than making it harder for me to get where I’m going.

The bottom line is more people need to realize the following:

1) Common areas of passage belong to all of us.

2) You do not need to walk side-by-side in order to have an all-inclusive conversation. Not that what you’re saying is of any real importance anyway.

3) Failure to provide ample space in which passers-by can walk will result in an impromptu game of Red Rover.

The realization of this will make for a happier place. Or at least a happier I-66.

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