The Party

When I was riding around with my sister in New York City, something caused us to talk about my teenage mishaps. It wasn’t very long before “The Party” came up. Since the blogosphere is mostly dead these days, I don’t feel guilty about telling you a high school story.
It was November of 1997. I was [...]

“What’s your address, buddy?”

On Saturday night we were in double figures and standing or sitting around Ned Devine’s in Herndon as a band called That Guy opened for Junk Food. I should’ve known it would be a weird night when the door guy looked at my license and asked me “what’s your address, buddy?” You’re kidding me, right? [...]

A Black Lab Christmas

When TSD departed for Pennsylvania, there was suggestion that he might come back to visit for the holidays. As said holidays are approaching, nothing has been mentioned about his return. I figured it would be prudent to pick up the phone and call him and see how he’s doing. The last time we had a [...]