Quotably Quotable

Some of the memorables from the weekend:

Text message to teammate before leaving on Friday morning at 9:30am: “…I need more cooler space. May have to drink some of these beers.”

Me: “Please. She couldn’t hold her liquor with a handle.”

Deep Cover: “A pack of Marlboros, a Weekly World News, and a box of condoms. I came all the way here and this is all I have to show for it.”
Me: “Do you even remember why you bought the condoms?”

Deep Cover: [after I-66 and a female teammate finished play-arguing] “Wow. You two are like a married couple.”
I-66: [waiting for teammate to walk away] “Yeah. No sex.”

I-66: “Where are you originally from then?”
Teammate I’d just met that morning: “Philadelphia.”
I-66: “Oh. Sorry.”

Same teammate: “I’m flying out of Reagan.”
I-66: [pause] “How long have you been living in the DC area?”
Same: “4 years.”
I-66: “Okay. I’ll give you a free pass then. It’s ‘National’ has always been ‘National’. I don’t care what the Republicans named it.”

I-66: [drunk and walking past good looking girl sitting outside the restaurant as we walked to the bar] “You are way too cute to be sitting alone.”
Teammate: “Dude! Sit down and talk to her then!”
I-66: “Nah. She looked at me funny.”

Text message from I-66 to teammate stuck in traffic on the HRBT: “Checked in and having a beer”
Return text message: “F U”

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