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I’ve folded. My subconscious resistance to posting one of these lists has failed. The prevailing trend recently has been to make your 100th post to be 100 things about you. I’ve made it to 136 (not counting this) but, evidently, now it’s time…

1. I was born in Seoul, South Korea
2. …and subsequently adopted and brought to the states
3. I am half black and half Korean
4. My eyes are what causes most people to guess that I am at least part asian
5. I harbor no real desire to meet my biological parents
6. I am left handed
7. I strongly dislike country music
8. …but I will listen to almost anything else
9. Eating mushrooms/mushroom related items (ex: mushroom sauce) makes me sick to my stomach
10. My only travels out of the country have been to The Bahamas… once.
11. …though I very much want to go to Ibiza someday soon
12. I can type 68 words per minute with 97% accuracy
13. I have 20/15 vision
14. I pride myself on being on time, or early if appropriate in some situations
15. …so, as you might imagine, I can’t stand when someone is chronically late
16. My emphasis on being prompt comes from having been raised by a Marine Corps Colonel
17. I am an absolute sucker for a cute football-knowledgeable female
18. …though none of my past girlfriends have been football-knowledgeable at all
19. I am an e-mail addict
20. …and instant messenger too
21. If you are going to buy me a beer, buy me a Killians
22. If you are going to buy me a shooter, buy me a Dirty Bong Water
23. I actually enjoyed Temptation Island while it was on
24. …and thought half-seriously about conspiring with a female friend, faking a relationship, going on the show and getting with a bunch of the singles on there
25. I’ve lived here in the area almost all of my life (save the brief time spent in Seoul)
26. …and don’t have plans on moving away any time soon
27. I have taken the Pepsi Challenge just to see if I could taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke
28. …and when I told the lady, pointing to each cup, “that’s the Coke, that’s the Pepsi” and she said “yeah, but which did you like better?” I told her “the Coke” and walked away
29. I am capable of and often found talking very fast
30. I wore braces in the early teenage years
31. …but never really wore my retainer
32. …because it quickly and accidentally found its way into a trash can via a lunch tray
33. I’d much rather be too cold than too hot
34. I’d rather get up at 10 on a weekend and sit around for 2 hours doing nothing than sleep in until 12
35. I hate rubbernecking
36. If you’re going to cut me off, I am more understanding if you use your turn signal
37. I hate having to repeat myself just because you weren’t listening
38. I hate having to answer questions to which I have already made available the answers
39. I am beginning to think I underestimated the difficulty of writing this list
40. My first car was a 1985 Ford Escort wagon that my parents bought for me to learn on and eventually drive when I turned 16
41. …it accelerated to 15 miles per hour from a stop without touching the gas
42. …and my mother sold it one month before I turned 16
43. My favorite color is orange
44. My parents divorced when I was 15
45. I did not find out about being adopted until I was 16
46. …and did so on my own
47. I realize that probably deserves its own post at some point
48. I have two sisters, one older (29) and one younger (18)
49. My older sister is also adopted
50. …and for a brief time actually lived with her biological mother around the age of 20
51. I am an ex-smoker
52. …and not just of cigarettes
53. I can sing Baby Got Back from start to finish
54. …and there are 2 bloggers who have witnessed it
55. I have been mistaken often times for a Filipino, and in some cases Cambodian
56. I have no idea what a Cambodian looks like
57. Under no circumstances will I name my child something ending in “onda” or “iqua”
58. My family has become somewhat close with our (what I call) half family (family from my father’s first marriage)
59. …though I have not, for reasons I cannot quite grasp
60. I have never dated a blond
61. I don’t have anything against them at all
62. …though I wish there was some uniformity over whether “blond” or “blonde” was primarily used
63. Mountain Dew is the greatest soda of all time
64. I wonder if I’m cheating the system by using an ellipsis
65. I wonder how many people are looking up “ellipsis” right now
66. For a short while I desired a tattoo, but had no idea what I wanted so the idea fizzled
67. I believe in Hot Pockets
68. I view myself as a generally nice person
69. …but if I am crossed, I tend to become vicious
70. Similarly, if I extend my hand to you and you end up biting it, that is probably the quickest way to incur my wrath
71. I hold grudges – I do not believe that an apology and passing of time will necessarily heal all wounds
72. I bet you expected me to make a sexually related remark at #69
73. I am very careful not to say anything about the service at a food service establishment until after I have my food
74. I speak Spanish about 5 times better than I understand it
75. Mostly because some Spanish speakers talk too fast for me to gather it in
76. Yes, I see the irony in that
77. I do not agree with those who say physical attraction is not that important
78. Up until midway through high school, I was an active member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), often appearing in small roles in commercials, extra roles in movies, plays, and print ads
79. …but I reached a saturation point and just stopped, with no real desire to resume
80. Yes, I had an agent. Yes, I had a resume. Yes, I had a portfolio. No I did not make a lot of money
81. …but what money I did accrue was spent by my father in economic peril after the divorce – yet another thing that deserves its own post
82. I’ve come up with a number of ideas for future posts as a result of this list – and yes I do write them down somewhere
83. I am a firm believer in the idea that those who live in glass houses should not cast stones
84. I have a very strong nose with a heavy inclination towards food
85. I think “agnostic” most accurately describes my religious affiliation
86. I do not envision myself being married in a church
87. …or going on a regular basis
88. I hate seeing Christmas commercials and decorations before Thanksgiving
89. I have become closer to my younger sister and my mother since moving out
90. My sense of humor is probably best described as “dirty”
91. …and that may be understating things
92. I believe that the Dallas Cowboys, Duke Blue Devils men’s basketball, and New York Yankees are the 3 most evil sports organizations/programs in all the land
93. I hate when people calling my cell have the wrong number
94. I understand telemarketers are doing their job, but when they call me, I consider them to be trespassing on my property.
95. I had a large curly hair bush as a child – not really-tight-need-activator curls, just curly
96. I now keep my hair short so that I need do nothing to it except wash it
97. I stopped listening to terrestrial radio entirely because of the disturbingly low music to non-music ratio
98. If I could wear soccer sandals all day I would
99. Like The Captain, I too am quite sad to be leaving our house
100. I wonder how bloggers explain the presence of blogger friends to non-blogger friends who don’t know about the blog.

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